Why You’re Not Losing Weight


The weekends can be a tricky time. People tend to go off the rails with nutrition purely because one bad meal turns into another and another and another. And before you know it, the drinks on Friday after work have led to a blow out Saturday and Sunday.

Another possible reason is that you’ve restricted yourself from Monday to Thursday and this has led to the perceived need for a reward.

The after work drinks on a Friday, leads to a takeaway pizza or kebab at 1am. This is then followed up by a fry up Saturday morning because you are hungover and craving greasy food. To top it off, a Saturday night takeaway will help give you that final cure.

You’ve gone form a position of a consistent and disciplined calorie intake throughout the week, to a mega splurge Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This huge influx of calories is counterproductive to the calorie deficit you have just sustained over the course of the week and in many cases it will actually shift you out of a deficit and into maintenance, meaning that weight loss stalls.

Your lack of regard for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will only serve to hamper your progress. It’s no wonder why you are not losing weight.

By the time you jump on the scales come Monday morning, you’re then inflamed, holding onto water, digestion is up the left, sleep deprived, not to mention you appear much heavier.

Take back control of your weekends and you’ll quickly find that your weight will drop, progress will continue and your body composition will improve as well.

If you are not prepared to stay disciplined Friday through Sunday, then don’t moan come Monday morning if the number on the scale has suddenly risen.

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