The Importance Of Patience With Fat Loss


Patience Is A Virtue In So Many Ways

I quickly want to touch on one of the biggest qualities required when embarking on any diet or fitness programme and that is PATIENCE.

When people target permanent weight loss, the quality of PATIENCE is a crucial factor.

Without it, you might find yourself making decisions that lead to taking short cuts and ultimately, long-term disappointment.

The need for instant results is short sighted and problematic. But thats the current world we live in. People want a solution within days, not months, hence why many will go to extreme lengths like juicing diets or firing down pills bought online.

The one thing I often talk about with clients when we discuss eating history and behavioural psychology is SUSTAINABILITY.


Healthy eating has got to be sustainable, otherwise you’ll throw in the towel and potentially rebound binge, undoing all the hard work you did in the first place. Too drastic a diet or too strict with what you can and cannot eat and people will not be able to adhere to it.

Your body is extremely smart and progress is slow whether you want it to be or not. Fat loss is not something that rapidly occurs. There are times when it will move faster than others, but ultimately it is a very slow process.

People often think that when they push things to an extreme, it will accelerate progress. Like under eating or eating an extremely low calorie diet for example. .

The body adapts to the situation it is dealt with. It is not designed to be 5% body fat and below, just like its not designed to be 30% body fat and above.

Yes results will come over time, but they will be gradual and that needs to be expected. Forming new lifestyle habits is the hardest part and also takes time.

To lose weight permanently, you need to rewire your brain, eating preferences and change your relationship and approach to food. That in itself can take significantly longer than a few weeks, or even months. So buckle up and prepare to the long ride, not the short journey.

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