High Protein Breakfast Ideas


If you are an active individual, you may be eating an in-adequate amount of protein to support your fitness goals and you may be subsequently sabotaging your efforts in the gym.

Whilst it’s easy for most of us to get enough protein at dinner and lunch, breakfast can be a struggle.

In my experience people (a) don’t feel up for eating large amounts in the morning and (b) the thought of protein in general at that time of day can be off-putting.

In today’s example, I give you 3 x simple, calorie controlled breakfast ideas, all of which offer 20-30g of protein.

A protein-packed breakfast can really satisfy your appetite and help you eat healthier all day long however and that is why it is worth considering.

People who eat a high-protein breakfast consumed on average 200 calories less at lunch, than those who ate a calorically identical meal which was more carb heavy.

Protein increases satiety by decreasing levels of ghrelin, the body’s hormone that tells the brain you’re full.

Bagels, cereal, and fruit smoothies which are often breakfast favourites, don’t always pack a big protein punch. Not to mention, if you skip your morning meal, you’re not getting any protein at all.

Protein is crucial for fat loss as you want to hold onto as much lean tissue as possible whilst chipping away at that fat. Its filling, and triggers the release of satiety hormones that blunt appetite.

Also, let’s not forget that protein is a crucial part of your breakfast, because it supplies you with energy for the morning, keeping you awake, alert, and focused.

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