How To Beat The Easter Bulge


Easter Is The Little Sibling Of Christmas In Terms Of Weight Gain

Over the Easter period people are surprised when they gain anything from 1-4 lbs in weight. Times have changed. Treats such as Easter eggs are almost 3 x the size they were when I was growing up. But more importantly weight gained over any holiday period is rarely lost by the majority of people.

Why not approach things differently this year and make Easter 2017 the year that you don’t have to ask for a larger belt.

Yes it’s tough and yes you’ll have to make some calculated decisions, but ultimately you’ll feel better about yourself in the long run and it won’t be all doom and gloom next week when your back at work and annoyed at your potential weight gain.

Try the tips below to help you avoid the infamous Easter waist expander.

Bullet Proof Action Plan:

(1) BE STRATEGIC – Easter Sunday itself doesn’t do the damage. People go ballistic all weekend from Good Friday into Easter Monday. Plan how you’ll deal with all the chocolate eggs. Moderation is key, not a reckless regard for eating and classic binge overindulgence.

(2) START WITH EXERCISE – Morning workouts can help ensure better behaviour for the remainder of the day. You’ll then have less cravings for those high-fat/sugary treats that are in arms reach. It also benefits you physically and puts you in a proactive mindset to be more careful about what you eat for the rest of the day.

(3) FILL UP ON PROTEIN – A protein packed breakfast of eggs (protein) & smoked salmon (omega 3) will reduce the likelihood of snacking. Go with a decent serving of lamb (rich in protein), plus your standard vegetables for Easter dinner.

(4) MINDLESS EATING – It doesn’t take long to polish off an Easter egg and the accompanying treats when in front of the TV and then say hello to an extra 500 calories. It’s easy to get carried away, so beware.

(5) HEALTHY SWAPS – Simple substations can painlessly cut calories. Instead of throwing your eating habits, and sanity upside down, focus on making simple food swaps.

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