Posts From the monthly archives: "January 2018"

Easter Is The Little Sibling Of Christmas In Terms Of Weight Gain Over the Easter period people are surprised when they gain anything from 1-4 lbs in weight. Times have changed. Treats such as Easter eggs are almost 3 x the size they were when I was growing up. But more importantly weight gained…(Read More)

Patience Is A Virtue In So Many Ways I quickly want to touch on one of the biggest qualities required when embarking on any diet or fitness programme and that is PATIENCE. When people target permanent weight loss, the quality of PATIENCE is a crucial factor. Without it, you might find yourself making decisions that…(Read More)

The Pain That Kicks In The Next Day The ladies in my Boot Camp class have been working incredibly hard over the past seven weeks and as a result, most if not all have experienced muscle soreness in the days afterwards. When you exercise intensely, it causes small micro-tears in your muscle tissue, which…(Read More)

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